NILT Staff

The Institutional Center for Languages and Translation (NILT) is directly linked to the Office of International Relations (SINTER) and is coordinated by the Secretary for International Relations.

Today, it has a specialized team made up of faculty members, staff members and students focused on producing and offering courses in foreign languages and Portuguese as a Foreign Language (PFL). Their activities are aligned with UFSC’s Language Policy and contribute to promote and strenghthen the university internationalization process.

Meet the staff:

Implementation of the NILT:

Silvana de Gaspari 

Administrative support:

Ana Luísa da Silveira
+55 48 3721-6209

          Administrative Intern

Gustavo Roberto do Nascimento
+55 48 3721-6209

Portuguese for foreigners:

Claudia Borges de Faveri
Raquel Carolina Ferraz D’Ely
Silvia Coneglian


George Ayres Mousinho


 Damaris Matias Silveira


Camila Teixeira Saldanha


Clarissa Laus Pereira Oliveira
Narceli Piucco


Daniela Bunn



Translation – French

Clarissa Laus Pereira Oliveira

Translation – English

Lincoln Paulo Fernandes
+55 48 3721-6222

Translation – Spanish

Camila Teixeira Saldanha

Translation – German

Damaris Matias Silveira